The Bridal Room

Ok, we are so excited about the products in our Bridal Room - from the option to order a  bespoke hand drawn sketch of your chosen venue or home to our unique copper tags - (both of which we are just a little bit proud of!)  To illustrate the bespoke sketches, our local artisan created a beautiful drawing of the stunning 14th Century 'The Tythe Barn' in Launton, Oxfordshire but you can choose any building you like, what a great gift to give a friend or member of the family for a birthday or Christmas present.  If you are interested in having a bespoke drawing of your own wedding venue /home then please contact us for more details.  Classic High White 300gsm or Natural Kraft 350gsm card stock available replaced with your personalised text.  

We have lots of items that offer the finishing touches to your wedding day, including our copper tags which are each individually cut, stamped and polished then finished off with twine and wrapped up with hessian...enjoy browsing!