Lee and Artsy Doormats

When you see two, tall, handsome and strapping young lads it’s hard to just walk on by but I promise it was their ‘doormats’ that attracted us!!  Artsy Doormats was created by Lee and the team in early 2016 with a plan to bring a range of beautiful artwork and quirky designs to the normally mundane doormat and to create something that was relative to the Great British public.  They are a great team and are always designing new ranges and considering up and coming trends.  

Their quirky designs will bring a smile to your guests whilst of course protecting thousands of homes from muddy prints and dirt.  The complete range is hand sprayed by their dedicated UK team using high quality durable paint and the finest quality coconut husk fibre mat.

Looking for something unique or bespoke?

Whether you’re looking for a personalised mat for your own home, for a friend or for a business doormat with your logo on, our Artsy doormats be created with bespoke designs - just fill in your requirements within the notes section of the checkout form or email us at info@theartisanhouse.co.uk