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The Artisan House is a gift shop and luxury interiors store all rolled into one.  Our wonderful selection of products offer unique gifts for birthdays and special celebrations as well as providing bridal couples with fabulous ideas for creating a truly special Wedding Gift List.  Fill your home with handmade treasures that scream character and charm.  The Artisan House is all about simplicity.  Beautiful products - simply made by hand.  Each piece has a story and a personal side that makes it more precious.  We turn our back on the mass produced and generic in favour of the handmade and unique.  We are inspired by our local environment, the beauty of nature and of the raw materials that surround us.  We hope our products stand out because of their individual flair! 

The inspiration for The Artisan House reflects the owners childhood surrounded by art, music, photography, creativity, dance and architecture which in turn encouraged a passion for designing, collecting and creating.   Many of our products are designed and handmade in-house but we are also hugely excited about sourcing and discovering local talent and have loved filling up the house with the work of local craftsmen who often use simple, old fashioned techniques to create incredible works of art.  

Our products are divided into ‘Collections’.  As well as the products that are hand crafted in The House and created by our local artisans we also personally select pieces from further afield however they still stand true to our passion for the handmade and the ethical.  These products will have been chosen, not only for their beauty, interest or function, but because of our desire to help support and celebrate the skills of these craftspeople living and working abroad.  At The Artisan House we are keen to follow the principles of Fair Trade and if we do work with a supplier our key principle is that they too adhere to clear ethical values.  We hope this combination gives The Artisan House it’s unique flavour and appeal. 

A small number of pieces within our collection includes unusual or rare finds.  These items have been personally picked out because we have spotted the potential to breathe new life into them... either by ourselves or by you. 

So you see, this shop is the culmination of a passion for discovering, creating and making and in itself tells a story.  The products are a result of this on-going journey, punctuated at every step by the beauty and quality of everyday materials and raw textures.  A mis-matched collection of beautiful pieces - some crafted by hand and others carefully chosen for their distinctive quality and charm.  What ties them all together is their sense of rarity, craftmanship and exclusivity.

The appetite for this adventure continues...we would love for you to be part of it.